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From Wolfgang Egger <>
Subject embedded tomcat: how to fix >>out of environment space<<
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 12:28:27 GMT
I have a WebApp running from CD-ROM served by an embedded Catalina (5.5)
started within a java app.
If I run that app under Windows 98 via run.bat, it "crashes" with an
"out of environment space"-error.

In my RUNNING.txt I found the following hint:
(2) An "out of environment space" error when running the batch files in
    Windows 95, 98, or ME operating systems.

    Right-click on the STARTUP.BAT and SHUTDOWN.BAT files.  Click on
    "Properties", then on the "Memory" tab.  For the "Initial
environment" field,
    enter in something like 4096.

    After you click apply, Windows will create shortcuts which you can use
    to start and stop the container.

How do I have to interpret this with respect to my needs running an
embedded tomcat. Do I have to add any -Dxyz or something like that to my
java call, or do I have to change something at any tomcat-confg-file or
do I have to do anything else?

Thanks in advance


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