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From Alex Turner <>
Subject Re: Connection Pool Woes
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 17:52:47 GMT
I'll just point out here that you actualy haven't pointed out any issue.

I asked a question as to how, and you repsonded that it was an issue
without ever explaing how, or if there even is a problem.

Somehow I doubt the JSTL authors were so short sighted as not to
release database connections properly.  I'm sure they had production
usage in mind when it was written, I'm just wondering how.

All you have written is FUD without any actual data or knowledge
included that would give me a way to make a decision based in fact. 
Give me some hard facts if you have any as to why I shouldn't use JSTL
sql library.


On 1/23/06, Chris McCormack <> wrote:
> Its poor practise to have a sql: jstl tag in production ready code.
> > How do you deal with this when using pure JSTL sql calls using a
> > connection?  How does JSTL sql library release the connection at the
> > end of a page to ensure that connections don't get leaked?
> For reasons exactly like this.
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