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From "Stevie G. Messervey" <>
Subject https difficulties w/ Tomcat5
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:43:35 GMT
     Please let me preface that I have actually tried
to run down various
threads,tutorials,FAQS, and the Tomcat docs (both
shipped & online).

dist: Crux Evolution 2.0.x kernel: gcc:3.3.4
kde:3.3(incl/konqueror) firefox:1.5 Tomcat:5.5.15
(binary tar.gz)

Basically, I cannot get the SSL connector to work. I
uncomment the 
appropriate entry in server.xml, and when I try to
https://localhost:8443,the session times out. 
Oddly (to me), accessing via http://localhost:8080

I do have the keystore properly configured, as I
recently installed 4.1.31
to test it. Tomcat4.1.31 w/ https works flawlessly.

I chased this thing round and round- I downloaded
firefox, thinking maybe 
it was a browser issue, as I built KDE myself(i.e.
it's not the bundle from the distro). Same issue. I
don't really suspect gcc or associated
problems,as jsvc and libtcnative both compiled (and
installed, for
libtcnative) w/o complaint.

I have even tried copying a modified <Connector> from
4.1.31, which 
(unmodified) works under 4.1.31 . 
I have tried explicitly setting the address, i.e.
address=""; no
luck. I created some scripts to monitor the tomcat
sessions, the most
useful fragment being 'neststat -p | grep localhost:',
which, during my
tests, shows tomcat talking to itself, from which I
can conclude that the
sessions are being started.

The only thing I haven't tried is building from

In short, has anyone else been able to:
* get https working, 'out of the box', from the 5.5.15
binary .tar.gz?
* ditto above, with Crux? Crux-Evolution?

Thank you for your time and interest,

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