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From Jeba Bhaskaran <>
Subject Calling Web Services From Tomcat On AIX
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 16:02:54 GMT
I am trying to call a web service using tomcat as a
client. I am able to do this on a windows box, but
when I run the app on tomcat running on IBM AIX, I am
getting a connection time out error. Initially I
thought this was firewall issue and checked with the
network folks who informed that the firewall isn't the
issue. According to the sniffer the network folks did,
the request coming out of the AIX box is coming out as
HTTP. So I wrote a piece of code that will download
the WSDL using HTTPS and ran that in tomcat on the IBM
and it works fine. Has anybody run into a similar
situation? If yes, are there any fixes or helpful
hints in solving this problem?


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