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From marju jalloh <>
Subject problem calling request.getParameter("myparameter") in jsp
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:55:53 GMT
 Hi everyone
I  `m writing a bean application to execute sql query.The query properties in the Bean works
perfect.I have a jsp with textArea where the user can enter query.The query is the required
parameter that the Bean should execute.

<Form    Method=GET ACTION="" >
  <Textarea  name="display" value="this.value"  >    </Textarea> 
   <Input    type=submit Value="Send">

<jsp:useBean id="myBean" class="com.Database" />
<%!   String query = request.getParameter("display") ;  %>

if(!query.equals("") || !query.equals(null))
              String selector = (query.substring(0,6)).trim();
                   myBean.setData(query) ;
                   out.write("nothing is entered");
My problem is when the jsp page is requested for the first time
 I got this error:
cannot find symbol variable request.
I know I should have null for  request.getParameter("display")  at first access and that is
caugt.If I  submit the form then the content of the textarea should be 
request.getParameter("display") .That was what I was expecting.

Can anyone help
Thanks in advance

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