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From Oded Arbel <>
Subject Re: RequestDumperValve screws UTF-8 parameter parsing
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 12:14:10 GMT
On Tuesday, 10 בJanuary 2006 11:16, Endre Stølsvik wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jan 2006, Oded Arbel wrote:
> | AFAIK, the catalina implementation of HttpServletRequest does not
> | allow to set the character set more then once, even though it
> | doesn't do any pre-processing of the input.
> |
> | Maybe that should be fixed instead ?
> I think that when you "touch" the servlet request object's parameters
> at all (or even anything else it might seem like), it parses them all
> at once using the then-set (or default) encoding and caches them.
> This is most probably according to spec.
> I really don't find this that problematic ... the browser
> sends all its parameters using one encoding, and it would be a
> strange setting if it was really needed to change the encoding
> "midways" in your processing.

Then why is it at all possible to set the encoding ? it should not be 
needed and there for should not be possible. The fact that such a call 
exists suggests to me that calling it repeatedly would have some effect 
(granted - it will slow the performance, but that is as expected) - I 
would prefer the request implementation reparse everything when I 
supply new character set information - taking it sweet time to do it 
(I'm probably only going to do this once per request) - rather then 
just ignore me.

The fact is, if you get at the request too late in the process, where 
the character set has already been set (wrongly), theres nothing you 
can do to rescue the data, and many times I've had that problem.


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