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From Bjørge Solli <>
Subject Re: erro jdbc connection with mysql
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:02:34 GMT
On Thursday 05 January 2006 15:42, marju jalloh wrote:
>> Rafal Zawadzki <
>> > Bjørge Solli wrote: > In short, run this as root inside mysql: 
>> > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON your_db_name.* TO
>> > 'your_mysql_user'@'your_client_host' IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password';
>> FLUSH ...
> I made it thanks to Rafal Zawadzki and Bjørge Solli
> The solution was to grant permision to hostname and not localhost of ip
> address

Which hostname your mysql-client identifies itself coming from depends on the 
interface it uses to connect to it.

if you use
mysql -h localhost .. 
it uses the loopback interface and should identify itself as 
localhost.localdomain or just localhost or, 
depending on your OS setup.
and if you use
mysql -h .. 
mysql -h <ip> ..
it could use the external interface (depending on your OS), and hence identify 
itself with the hostname/ip even though you are working on the host itself.

So, depending on your OS it could work to just change the -h flag or 
equivalent, but now you fixed it anyway. FYIO.

> Once more thanks

np, but please answer *under* the text you are answering to avoid confusion 
hereafter, ref. the discussion "[OT] Top posting" Tuesday 17:35 (and the 
"question" thread on the same day).

Bjørge Solli - Office:+47 55205847 cellph.:+47 91614343
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center - Bergen, Norway Reception: +47 55205800
Dept.: Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies 
       and Operational Oceanography

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