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From "Jonathan Woods" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and mod_jk question on Red Hat 9
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 16:25:15 GMT
Adrian -

I haven't met this problem, but a few things occurred to me after reading
your message:

1.  Don't forgot you could probably (depending on your config) always use
mod_proxy instead of mod_jk, just as a temporary measure.

2.  Sometimes browsers are set to have only 2 or 3 concurrent connections
open to a server.  Maybe something about your config - e.g. the resources
being served up, or a mod_jk problem - means that the connections aren't
properly closed, so on the third click it's actually your browser waiting
until the other connections are closed.

3.  It also sounds like a threading problem could cause these symptoms.  Is
there any 2- or 3-ness about the Tomcat config - e.g. the size of the pool
of servlet instances maintained?  Are the resources you're reaching when you
click threadsafe?

4.  Try looking in Apache's error log and in mod_jk's log (assuming you
write one - JkLogFile directive).


-----Original Message-----
From: Adrian Nadeau [] 
Sent: 26 January 2006 14:56
Subject: Tomcat and mod_jk question on Red Hat 9


We recently setup mod_jk on a server running Red Hat 9.  We are having some
odd problems with the new setup.  For some reason, everything works fine for
the first 2 clicks when testing the process (running the examples webapp
thru Apache 2.0.40).  However, when we click something (anything, doesn't
have to be the same steps) for the third time, it seems as though mod_jk
cannot connect through AJP13 (Tomcat version is
4.1.29) .  It trys to load for a long time and then nothing loads.  If we
wait for a bit and then do the same test again, the same thing happens.

I can post more information and config settings, but I wanted to see if this
is a common problem or not?  We've had no problems running mod_jk in a
Windows environment or Solaris in the past.  If we need to post more
information that is not a problem, we can do that.  We talked to our hosting
provider and they seem to think it's that we are running out of TCP Sockets?
Any information would be great as we are trying to get a number of
applications running on the server ASAP (of course).  Thanks!


Adrian Nadeau
VP, Development
Evolving Solutions...Technology for changing

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