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From "Darren Hall" <>
Subject RE: (newb) Tomcat servlet mapping problem
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 21:54:05 GMT

> if I look at your original configuration
> >     <servlet-mapping>
> >         <servlet-name>SimpleServlet</servlet-name>
> >         <url-pattern>/simple-servlet</url-pattern>
> >     </servlet-mapping>
> ---snip---
> > <Context path="/simple-servlet" docBase="SimpleServlet" 
> reloadable="true" debug="99">
> then, if I am not overlooking something,
> the correct URL to invoke the servlet is
> http://localhost/simple-servlet/simple-servlet
> because the first "simple-servlet" is the
> Context path where the webapp resides, and
> the second "simple-servlet" is the URL for
> the servlet inside the webapp, like correctly
> configured in the webapp descriptor.
You are correct. I realized this yesterday while playing with this problem.
I've since removed my servlet.xml file that contains the <Context> tag
specifying the docBase and path. 

I've gotten over this hurdle and immediately gotten hung up on the next one.
=P The only file I'm using for mapping the servlet now is the web.xml file
in the ${catalina.home}/webapps/servlet/WEB-INF directory.

The new issue is "ClassDefNotFound" that occurs when I point my browser at
the servlet (see last message, because I'm not retyping that 'brief' recap

Thanks, though. I do appreciate the help.


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