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From "Joe Reger, Jr." <>
Subject How much memory will Tomcat 5.5/Java 5 support?
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 12:56:57 GMT
Hi!  I'm having trouble getting my Tomcat 5.5. production box to use
more than 1.1Gb of memory.

1) When I use the Configure Tomcat console's Java tab to set the
Maximum Memory Pool I can only use a max of 1999Mb.  If I go above
that the Windows Tomcat service will fail to start.

2) Tomcat will start with a configured value of 1999Mb, but when I
view max memory in the app it says that it has a max of about 1140Mb
(sorry, I forgot the exact value... possibly 1048Mb, but i don't
remember it being one of the magic numbers).

Is this a JVM issue or a Tomcat issue?  I've got 4Gb of ram on the
dedicated Tomcat server and I'd like to give 3Gb to Tomcat.



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