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From Francis Galiegue <>
Subject Re: How to deploy my webapp as root context webapp without tomcat loading it twice?
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 12:53:29 GMT
2005/12/1, Paul Singleton <>:
> Vivek Mohan wrote:
> > Like I mentioned in my problem statement:
> >
> > I don't want to move my application into ROOT folder or rename it to ROOT.
> > And unlike as you said Mark, putting autoDeploy=false doesn't help in this case.
> >
> > Is this (loading a webapp twice if the context path and the docBase
> > path is different) a feature of Tomcat? Can't this be turned off?
> My hunch is that you won't get a definitive answer to this question
> in this group :-/
> I *think* you need to do all these:
>  * maintain an empty appBase directory
>  * leave autoDeploy alone (there's nothing for it to deploy)
>  * set docBase in Context to an absolute path to your app

That's what I did, I submitted this problem a month ago or so and came
up with this solution, asking if there weren't any better ones.
Renaming the webapp dir to ROOT is a nono so far, so I defined a
nonexisting appBase and put an absolute path in <Context>. It works,
but it's ugly, for sure :(

I wonder whether creating Catalina/<hostname here>/ROOT.xml with the
appropriate <Context> would work...

(BTW this is using tomcat 5.0.x, x>=27)

Francis Galiegue,,,
One2team - 12bis rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011 Paris - 0143381980
"When it comes to performance, weight is everything" - Tiff Needell

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