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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: DNS error, no reply from Tomcat and no clues in the log
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 02:25:32 GMT
> From: William Claxton [] 
> Subject: RE: DNS error, no reply from Tomcat and no clues in the log
> Compare an unused port and an active Tomcat, and there is a 
> difference.  Tomcat will clear the screen and wait for input.  An 
> unused port will appear to hang there and eventually time out.

That's not quite the behavior I'm observing on either of the platforms
I'm running Tomcat on right now.  Rather, a telnet to an active Tomcat
port just sits for 20 seconds and then the connection drops; a telnet to
an inactive port results in an almost immediate connection refused
message in less than a second.  Ethereal traces of the above show that
in the first case the telnet client is waiting for the expected telnet
protocol negotiation, but instead gets a TCP FIN after 20 seconds; in
the second case, the remote TCP handler sends an immediate reset, and
the Windows telnet client retries twice more before displaying the
refused message.

If you're seeing something other than the above, then perhaps there's a
proxy or firewall doing something odd?

 - Chuck

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