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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Upgrading Tomcat
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 21:04:57 GMT
> From: Rhino [] 
> Subject: Re: Upgrading Tomcat
> I'm having trouble finding the note you mentioned in the mailing list 
> archives.

It's here:

> I'm trying to figure out the following:
> - does "Core" include the Administration webapp?

It did in 5.0, does not in 5.5.

> - does "Core" include the Deployer? If not, what does the Deployer do?

No.  See the referenced e-mail.

> - does "Core" include the Embedded bundle? If not, what does 
> it do?

No.  See the referenced e-mail.

> - when do I want do download "Core" as a Windows Executable 
> and when do I want to download it as a zip?

I never use the .exe since it's missing the .bat (and .sh) scripts,
which are useful for debugging.  See the referenced e-mail.

 - Chuck

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