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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Upgrading Tomcat
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 18:23:14 GMT
> From: Rhino [] 
> Subject: Upgrading Tomcat
> 1. What are the major differences between the 5.0.x stream 
> and the 5.5.x stream?

Lots, especially performance.  There are some configuration differences
between the two, so read the docs carefully.  Consult the changelog and
FAQ for details.

> Perhaps I'd be smarter to use 5.0.x until 
> 5.5.x is further along?

I'd go with 5.5 - the newer level gets more attention from the
developers and has definite performance advantages.

> 2. Are 5.5.12 and 5.0.28 both fairly stable and robust?


> 3. Do I need to download/install all of the different 
> "bundles" for each version

No, just download what you need.  Look here:

I posted a more detailed description of the download packages a few days
ago.  Try:
to browse the mailing list archive.

> Do I need JDK 1.4 Compatibility if I develop primarily 
> in J2SE 1.5?

The key issue is "primarily" vs. "only".  If you develop with 1.5 you
run the risk of not being able to execute on a 1.4 system if you have
written code that depends on 1.5 features.  You only need the
compatibility package for Tomcat installations that are actually running
on 1.4.

> For that matter is it okay to use J2SE 1.5 
> with Tomcat or does Tomcat only support 1.4?

Tomcat is built with 1.4, but runs happily on either 1.4 or 1.5.

> 4. Is Sysdeo still the plugin of choice to use for Servlet 
> development in Eclipse? Is Lomboz still the plugin of choice 
> to use for JSP development in Eclipse?

Got me.  I'm a command line person.

 - Chuck

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