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From "Drouin.Mathieu" <>
Subject Load Balancing + JDBC Session Persistence
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 17:09:38 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'd like to load balance 2 (or more) tomcat instances while using JBDC
session persistence to allow sharing of session information between
several applications (contexts).

I know it's going against the j2ee servlet spec but I have specific
requirements that demand such an environment.

I use emptySessionPath="true" to be able use the same jsessionid when
switching between contexts.

I have several questions regarding this approach...

1. Pitfalls and things I should be watching for by using this approach?

2. Is there a way of eliminating or rigging that "app_name" column in
the JDBC store so that I can retrieve a session by id just by using
request.getSession() and thus circumventing the whole context isolation

3. Also,
mentions that "the implementation has not been thoroughly tested, and
should be considered experimental!". Is it still in experimental mode?

Thanks :)


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