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From Adam Constabaris <>
Subject Re: Apache Portable Runtime not found on the java.library.path
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 18:46:55 GMT
FTP wrote:
> I face the same problem with:
> Tomcat 5.5.12
> jdk: 1.5.06
> and cannot find the library you suggest in order to include it!

APR integration isn't yet fully part of the Tomcat distribution, as far 
as I can tell (I think it's misleading of them to enable the APR 
listener on startup, because it makes you think you're supposed to use 

I'm not sure how stable the Tomcat developers consider the APR 
integration, so if you're at all concerned about that, it's probably 
easier to just comment out the Listener instead.

If you want to use the APR libraries, first read to see if there are 
precompiled binaries for your platform (Windows only, AFAICT).  If not,

(a) install APR (; if you use Linux, your 
distribution may ship the APR in a package.

(b) compile by unpacking 
$TOMCAT_HOME/bin/tomcat-native.tar.gz and following (most of) the 
instructions there; NOTE if you don't need openSSL support, be warned 
that --without-ssl switch did not work for me with tomcat-native-1.1.0 
(ships with 5.5.12; 1.1.1 with 5.5.14-beta did honor that switch).



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