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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Help, Tomcat 4.1.31 no response
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2005 16:03:00 GMT
Have you taken a look at your log files? It could be a memory leak in
your app as well.

-- David

zhang chao wrote:

> My Operating System: RedHat 9
> JVM version: j2sdk 1.4.2_09
> Tomcat: tomcat 4.1.31
> Hardware configuration: Dual PIII 1G, 512MB memory
> users: about 30
> I have a web application and have deployed to my tomcat 4.1.31. The
> problem is: tomcat will no response after running about 1 week. When i
> enter the URL in IE and press enter, there is nothing happen except
> the progress-bar of IE is increasing, after about 2 minutes, IE
> displayed "Cannot display this page". The tomcat's process in
> server(process named "java") has no any exception, the memory usage
> and cpu usage is normal.
> I think that maybe tomcat had no idle thread in thread pool to serve
> for requests so, it kept waiting for an thread available. If this is
> true, my web application must have bugs which exhausted the thread and
> resources. But i don't know, in what situation, these threads cannot
> be callback by tomcat. My database resultsets, statements and
> connections are released(MySQL database, version 3.23.58, used
> tomcat's dbcp connection pool), my network sockets instance are closed
> and any no-use class instances have been set to null.
> There is another important issue: when tomcat had no response, the
> only thing I can do is to restart the tomcat server but, when i
> invoked the tomcat's "" script, I found that the 8080 port
> was not listening but the "java" process was still alive. I must use
> "kill -9 <the java process's pid>" to kill the process.
> my web application is based on struts framework. When a request
> arrives, a Action Servlet is invoked then, servlet will invoke my
> singleton mode logic class, logical classes will fill lots of entity
> classes and return them back to the client. Did these singleton-mode
> logical class cause the problem?
> My English is poor and I hope everybody can read me. Any help and
> suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.
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