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From Chris Wareham <>
Subject Compiling JSPs - how to ignore files with certain extensions.
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 12:12:48 GMT
I have a web app structured as follows:


I would like to add a target to my Ant build.xml to precompile the JSPs,
so that I can check they do not reference any unknown custom tags.
However, JspC appears to be trying to compile the files ending in
".jspf" as well as ".jsp". This is causing the compile to fail, as the
jspf files are fragments that are included into index.jsp:

  <%@ include file="taglibs.jspf" %>

  do some stuff that might result in redirects ...

  <%@ include file="header.jspf" %>

  body of the page ...

  <%@ include file="footer.jspf" %>

The taglibs fragment contains the taglib definitions common to all my
pages, while the header and footer contain "boilerplate" HTML common to
all my pages.

Is there anyway to prevent JspC from attempting to compile the fragment
files? I can see in the JspC JavaDocs that you can list and add
extensions that will get compiled, but not remove them.


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