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From "Terence M. Bandoian" <>
Subject Deploying new virtual hosts
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 21:08:18 GMT

For that many virtual domains, you may want to investigate using a
commercial hosting application that allows you to manage the server from
a web interface.  They are available for Linux and Windows and may be
worth the cost in time saved.

-Terence M. Bandoian

>> George Sexton wrote:
>>> I'm trying to sort out a way I can automate deploying new virtual
>>> hosts on
>>> my Tomcat server. Right now I'm running about 70 virtual hosts. Each
>>> virtual
>>> host has only one ROOT context. I'm planning on scaling up to at
>>> least 200
>>> virtual hosts before I need to get a second machine. The second
>>> machine will
>>> probably be more powerful, and I'll want to scale it into the region of
>>> something like 1000 virtual hosts. I've looked through the
>>> documentation on
>>> the Tomcat site and don't think I'm seeing what I need.
>>> Ideally I would like something that would be scriptable that would
>>> let me
>>> automatically deploy the virtual hosts. If I can't get that, some
>>> application that would let me create a new virtual host without
>>> stopping and
>>> re-starting tomcat would be nice. I'm thinking in the near future I
>>> will
>>> need to deploy several new virtual hosts per day. If I can't do it
>>> automatically, I'd at least like one tool that works that could be
>>> used to
>>> create a virtual host correctly. 

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