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From Dariusz Dwornikowski <>
Subject Re: Web -service
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 14:59:16 GMT
MW Janssen wrote:

>are you using log4j? I had problems with the commons-logging package of axis
>in combination with log4j. I didn't see any log info in my logfiles anymore.
>How did I solve this? I found that the classloader hierarchy gives problems
>if u are using log4j and commons-logging.jar. I replaced commons-logging.jar
>with commons-logging-api.jar and commons-logging-optional.jar and log4j was
>working ok again. Hope this could be a solution.
>    (if is post to wrong maillist please tell me) I use: tomcat 5.5.12,
>jdk1.5,axis 1.2
>What i want to have :
>    Working web-service wchich conects with UDDI4j to Juddi and additionally
>with postgres-jdbc to postgres.
>What i have:
>    I have written completely working application of functionality like i
>wrote. It works as a standalone app.
>What is wrong:
>    I wrote Web-Service class which gives simple functionality for adding
>Businesses, Services and Users to UDDI and postgres.
>    Unfortunatelly it does not completely work. I managed to check that when
>i create objects in web service (these objects import uddi4j and jdbc)
>    it crashes. I put logging into all classes, but it does not handle
>exceptions. Moreover tomcat normally "catches" stderr and stdout of webapps,
>so it should
>    show some stacktraces, but unfortunatelly it does not.
>My Q:
>    how can i check what is going on, what are common practices ?
no log4j works perfectly, the problem is that program crashes when i try 
to create objcect, this is what i get from soap client:

    [faultstring] => java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    [faultcode] => soapenv:Server.userException
    [detail] => stdClass Object

and this is one of object causing problems when being created

package VercomIndex;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.sql.Statement;
import java.util.Vector;
import org.apache.log4j.Logger;
import org.uddi4j.UDDIException;
import org.uddi4j.client.UDDIProxy;
import org.uddi4j.response.AuthToken;
import org.uddi4j.response.BusinessInfo;
import org.uddi4j.transport.TransportException;
import org.uddi4j.util.BusinessKey;

// TODO : add db conn options to config file
public class UddiUser {
    private AuthToken token;
    private String publisher_id;
    private String name;
    private String email;
    private String pass;
    private boolean isadmin;
    private boolean isenabled;
    private boolean issaved;
    static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(VercomIndexWS.class);
    public  UddiUser(String name,String publisher_id,String pass) {
    public UddiUser() {
    public boolean authorize() {
        return true;
    private String check_service_name(String key) {
    private Vector getServiceKeys(BusinessKey bk) {
    public Vector FindUserServices() {
     * This method find all businesses assigned to user
    public Vector FindUserBusinesses() {
     * Use this contructor for saving users only
    public UddiUser(String name, String publisher_id,String 
email,boolean isadmin,boolean isenabled){
    public String getName() {
    public AuthToken getAuthToken() {
    public String getPublisherID() {
    public String getEmail() {
    public void setPassword(String pass) {
    public boolean isAdmin() {
    public boolean disable() {
    public boolean saveUser(String adminpass) {
    private boolean validateIfUnique(String publisher_id) {
    public boolean deleteUser(String adminpass) {

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