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From Dariusz Dwornikowski <>
Subject Web -service
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 14:46:45 GMT
    (if is post to wrong maillist please tell me)
I use: tomcat 5.5.12, jdk1.5,axis 1.2

What i want to have :
    Working web-service wchich conects with UDDI4j to Juddi and 
additionally with postgres-jdbc to postgres.

What i have:
    I have written completely working application of functionality like 
i wrote. It works as a standalone app.

What is wrong:
    I wrote Web-Service class which gives simple functionality for 
adding Businesses, Services and Users to UDDI and postgres.
    Unfortunatelly it does not completely work. I managed to check that 
when i create objects in web service (these objects import uddi4j and jdbc)
    it crashes. I put logging into all classes, but it does not handle 
exceptions. Moreover tomcat normally "catches" stderr and stdout of 
webapps, so it should
    show some stacktraces, but unfortunatelly it does not.

My Q:
    how can i check what is going on, what are common practices ?

Dariusz 'tdi' Dwornikowski 
mailto :
gg: 2266034

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