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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Deploying Servlet Project from Windows to Fedora
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 15:01:47 GMT

The main difference between windows and linux for you is at the filesystem 
level i think. Check twice the configuration of your servlets in web.xml and 
the files in your war for uppercase/lower case mistakes. I may be you renamed 
at some point to but never cleared the .class 
so you end up with a myServlet.class in your war, which is extracted by 
tomcat (tomcat always extract .war, it does not access it directly) as 
myServlet.class and when it later tries to load the class MyServlet using 
file MyServlet.class, it's not a problem in windows (myServlet.class is 
opened and contains the MyServlet class) but it is on linux (Myservlet.class 
is not the same as myServlet.class).
The uppercase/lowercase problem might also be in having a directory named 
WEB-INF/CLASSES or web-inf/classes instead of WEB-INF/classes

This is just a suggestion, but it may be the most obvious problem.

Also, the error messages from tomcat might be usefull to find the problem :p

Le Jeudi 1 Décembre 2005 15:47, Aydın Toprak a écrit :
> Hii,
> I have developed web based project that covers many servlets and uses 
> Postgresql dataBase, on ;Windows platform...
> But I want to deploy the software to the Linux (Fedora Core 4  64) .. 
> However I havent been able to deploy the compleate project correctly 
> under the linux enviroment..
> Tomcat cant find my servlets and so do nothing...
> Should I modify the web.xml file of my own .. or  do something different 
> ? ..
> I am looking for some clear descriptions  or an accurate documentation 
> to do it...
> thanks....
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