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Subject tomcat-apache ajp13 connection problem (answer time)
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 12:37:41 GMT
hello there,

i have two servers inside the dmz, one with redhat 9 the other with
fedora core 4. the box running with fedora core has tomcat 5.5.9
and apache 2.0.54. the connection is made with ajp13.
the redhat 9 has an older apache and java version.
these two servers run separated, so each one has all it
needs on its system.

there are multiple virtual hosts and web applications on each server.
accessing such a web application from localhost works well, the
same when beeing inside the dmz and using a testclient.
now the problem, requests from outside the dmz work still well
for the redhat 9 installation, fedora core 4 however has answer
times between page and image loads that are from multiple seconds
to minutes!

i have looked at all known log files, but got no errors at all, there
is simply a wait time between multiple requests and i dont see why.

running tomcat on port 80 as standalone however works correctly from
outside the dmz. apache as standalone too. however as soon as the
ajp13 connector connects the two, from outside the dmz requests slow

has anybody an idea where i might have a closer look too to get this
problem solved ?

thanks a lot,


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