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From Balint Domokos <>
Subject serving content outside webapp
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 10:52:55 GMT

I have a content management system running on Tomcat, and I have to
serve different static content for authorized users.

Currently I have a download webapp, which is using the default servlet
to serve this static content. The content directories are linked to the
base dir of the download webapp and allowLinking="true" set for the
context. For access control I have a filter to check the authorization
of the users to the different content files.

The problem with this is that if I redeploy or remove the download
webapp then the content is also gone. And anyway, I'd like to have that
file system stored content separately from the webapps or Tomcat.

Currently I'm thinking on writing a download servlet to use instead of
the default servlet, which serves files from configurable locations. Or
to change the default servlet itself.
I was also thinking on serving that static content with Apache httpd
connected to Tomcat, but then how do I check the authorization? I have
to keep the authorization checking part inside Tomcat.

Do you have any idea, what would be the proper way to address this

Kind regards,

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