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From "Rhino" <>
Subject Upgrading Tomcat
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 18:02:24 GMT
I need some basic information regarding upgrades to Tomcat.

I haven't written any servlets in many months and have not followed the 
various updates made to Tomcat. When I go to, I see that there are several 
different current versions of Tomcat available, including 5.5.13-beta, 
5.5.12, 5.0.30-beta and 5.0.28. Also, as someone interested in a binary 
distribution, I see that there are several subsets of code for each Tomcat 
version: "Core", "Deployer", "Embedded", "Administration" and "JDK 1.4 
Compatibility Package".

Can someone answer some questions for me?

1. What are the major differences between the 5.0.x stream and the 5.5.x 
stream? In other words, what factors should I weigh in deciding which stream 
I should use? I tend to prefer to take the latest possible version that is 
stable and then stay with that a fair while so that I don't have to update 
Tomcat too frequently, which suggests 5.5.12 as my best bet, but I'm not 
sure if that's a good strategy in this case because I'm not clear on the 
different between 5.0.x and 5.5.x. Perhaps I'd be smarter to use 5.0.x until 
5.5.x is further along?

2. Are 5.5.12 and 5.0.28 both fairly stable and robust?

3. Do I need to download/install all of the different "bundles" for each 
version, i.e. will I need "Core" AND "Deployer" AND "Embedded" and 
"Administration Web Application" AND "JDK 1.4 Compatibility Package" or is 
"Core" alone sufficient? Do I need JDK 1.4 Compatibility if I develop 
primarily in J2SE 1.5? For that matter is it okay to use J2SE 1.5 with 
Tomcat or does Tomcat only support 1.4?

4. Is Sysdeo still the plugin of choice to use for Servlet development in 
Eclipse? Is Lomboz still the plugin of choice to  use for JSP development in 
Eclipse? (I've never really tried a JSP but I might give it a go one of 
these days :-)


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