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From Anna Seekamp <>
Subject tomcat - OutOfMemoryError
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:17:47 GMT

We have a production-environment with heavy load.
A cluster of DualXeonServers. Each is running:
  apache (prefork)
  tomcat 5.0.28
  spring 1.1.5
  hibernate 2.1
  velocity (-> no JSPs)

The jvm (1.4.2 Suse-Linux) starts with:
  -server -Xmx1500m -Xms1500ms

We have 9 webapps.
One webapp has 50% load.
The other share the rest.
If we put 7 webapps online, we
ran into problems. After a few hours we get
OutOfMemoryErrors. The tomcat crashes an
we get no response. But there isn't a heavy
load (< 1). There isn't OutOfMemory
(the last Runtime.freeMemory(): 1,3 GB)
The Thread-Dump of the crashed server is
unspecific. Most threads are waiting on findBundle
in CoyoteConnector.createRequest().

Are there any suggestions. Everything is welcome!
I don't know where to look. Threads, Sockets,
Memory (is there a problem with Runtime.freeMemory)

best regards
-- anna

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