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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: How to use -security when running as a service under Windows.
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 10:51:41 GMT
Hp and Dell support a full stack Linux/JBoss at a very competitive price,
with support.
This in my view  is another alternative.

Bruno Georges

Glencore International AG
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Ok, as I said to my boss:
1. OpenVMS is still stuck on Java 1.4
2. OpenVMS is still stuck on Tomcat 4.1
3. OpenVMS does not allow 'tail' access to log files!
4. Can't run JBoss, Apache 2, etc.
5. JVM on VMS has more bugs than a roach-infested sewer.
6. .jar files have to be "steamed" before the can run on OVMS.

I wanted to go to RedHat Linux but unfortunately there is not enough Linux
expertise in my company (we're a small shop) so it had to be a hardened
Windows 2003 box instead.

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  From: Donovan, JD
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  Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 2:26 PM
  Subject: RE: How to use -security when running as a service under

  You're going from OpenVMS to Windows?!?!? WHY?
  Why go from the most secure system on the planet to the most exposed?
  Just wondering?

  Sr.  Systems Engineer
  OpenVMS Alpha Support Team
  (813) 366-2359
  "OpenVMS: When downtime is not an option"

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  From: Andoni []
  Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 2:36 PM
  To: Tomcat Users List
  Subject: How to use -security when running as a service under Windows.


  I am currently running Tomcat under OpenVMS by calling catalina.bat with
  the -security switch to allow it to connect to several RMI servers.

  Now that I am moving this app. to windows I want to be able to call the
  same switch from my service-driven installation of Tomcat 4.1.
  Unfortunately when I go to the properties of the service itself
  everything is greyed out so that I cannot add any switches. Also the
  program it is running is /bin/tomcat.exe.

  What can I do to get this to run with -security option?

  Thanks in advance,

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