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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: how to remove port number from URL
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:47:37 GMT
> From: Goay Zee Ling (ACM/MIS) [] 
> Hi. I have a simple question.

... But not a simple answer given your configuration.

> On the server, I have both IIS 5.1 and tomcat 5.0. 
> With both running respective application, is it possible to remove the
> port number for calling tomcat application?

Only one process can listen on a given port and IP address combination -
this is a basic restriction of the socket model.  IIS and Tomcat are
different processes so must listen on different port+IP address
combinations.  However, you may be able to try one or more of the

- Assign two IP addresses to the computer.  Set IIS to listen on port 80
on one IP address, Tomcat on port 80 on the other IP address.

- Use IIS to listen to port 80, set up a JK connector in Tomcat, and use
the JK connector to forward requests from one or more Web sites in IIS
to be processed by Tomcat. is a useful page.
Use JK, *not* JK2.  JK2 is no longer supported.

- Use Squid or a similar reverse proxy to listen on port 80, set up IIS
and Tomcat so that both listen on different ports, and forward requests
to one or the other using Squid.

There may be other solutions.

		- Peter

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