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From "Steve Gaunt" <>
Subject Web App Context stops responding after a period of time
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 11:57:39 GMT

I am using Jboss 4.01 which has tomcat 5 embedded within it.  
I have a separate web app context, which serves static PDF/HTML files.
The configuration setting for these are in the server.xml and are :

<Context docBase='G:/ContentLoad' path='/Insight/html'></Context>

This server the static pages fine, however after a period of time/ or
number of requests the web site for this context the tomcat just seems
to hang.  
I can still use other web app contexts perfectly fine.  

At first, I though this may be an AJP problem(as all ajp connectors stay
in service mode indefinitely, but even if I use the HTTP connector, it
still hangs. 

Has anyone else suffered similar scenarios with tomcat 5. 

This is the output from the connector stats from web-console.


Startup time: 0 ms TLD scan time: 0 ms
Active sessions: 0 Session count: 0 Max active sessions: 0 Rejected
session creations: 0 Expired sessions: 0 Processing time: 0 ms
JSPs loaded: 0 JSPs reloaded: 0

jsp [ *.jsp , *.jspx ] 
Processing time: 0 s Max time: 0 ms Request count: 0 Error count: 0 Load
time: 0 ms Classloading time: 0 ms

default [ / ] 
Processing time: 106964 s Max time: 881156 ms Request count: 59488 Error
count: 183 Load time: 0 ms Classloading time: 0 ms



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