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From "BB Commish" <>
Subject Managing concurrent high memory processes
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 17:50:29 GMT
We have a Struts application running on Tomcat where a few actions within 
the app can invoke processing that consumes 300+ MB of RAM and can run for 
several hours. The issue is how to make the application more scalable to 
accommodate multiple concurrent 'high load' processes and also make better 
use of servers with available RAM beyond the jvm limits (we have used both 
Sun and JRockit jvms - typically on Win2k3 as per customer requirements).

Would Tomcat clustering/load balancing be suited to this problem? Or is it 
more geared to managing high volumes of requests rather than just dealing 
with certain high load requests that need special attention?

We have also considered spawning a separate jvm instance (or retrieving from 
a pool more likely) to handle each high load request with the 'normal' 
requests being handled within the jvm running Tomcat. Is this a feasible 

I will appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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