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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: confusion of tomcat downloading
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 04:49:18 GMT
> From: blueberry lake [] 
> Subject: confusion of tomcat downloading
> On page, there are 
> several choices for tomcat 5.x, like core, deployer, embedded,
> admin web application, etc.,
> can anyone explain berifly what their difference are?

Core is the primary Tomcat download.  Beware of the .exe version, since
it does not include the various scripts that a beginner should start
with; the .exe installs only as a Windows service.  Better to get the
.zip or .tar.gz, as appropriate - I believe they're identical other than
the archive format, but I haven't verified that lately.  You used to
have to use the GNU tar utility for the latter form, but I don't know if
that's still true.

Deployer is a utility application that supposedly simplifies webapp
deployment; can't say that I've ever used it.  You can read about it
at the bottom of the page.

Embedded is a Tomcat variation that lets you bury Tomcat inside another
app; JBoss uses this format.  It is not for use with Apache httpd, as an
earlier posting might have implied.  If you're going to front-end Tomcat
with httpd, use the core download.  (Tomcat performance in handling
static content is getting very close to that of httpd, so there are few
reasons to complicate your life by front-ending it these days.)

The admin webapp is quite useful for poking around inside Tomcat from a
web browser, so by all means pick that up.  Just unzip (or untar) into
the Tomcat installation directory, update the conf/tomcat-users.xml
file, and play.

The compatibility package is required if you're going to run Tomcat with
a 1.4 JRE or JDK.  Contains a couple of jars with classes for XML
processing that are standard with the 1.5 JRE, but have to be added on
to 1.4 environments.

The documentation download is what it is.

 - Chuck

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