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From Markus Plail <>
Subject Re: Tomcat overwrites error response body
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:22:58 GMT
Anurag Chakravarti <> writes:
> Tomcat sends back a default error HTML page, even when I don't want it
> to. I want my servlet to send its own error response body. I am doing
> the following in my servlet doPut method.
> pr = resp.getWriter();
> pr.println(e.getErrorCode().serialize());
> resp.sendError(e.getCode());
> This does not work. Tomcat sends me a HTML page which I don't want.
> What am I missing here.

Don't use sendError but setStatus. sendError does the complete error
page and you can only change its content via web.xml.


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