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From Peter L <>
Subject Recursive Tagfile and JSP Precompilation
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 06:12:19 GMT
I'm trying to precompile JSP's for a JBoss(4.0.1) / Tomcat(5.0) server
and everything is cool except I get a ClassNotFoundException when a
Recursive Tagfile is encountered....

[jasper2] SEVERE: ERROR-the file
'\WEB-INF\pages\templates\resolveResultsDialog.jsp' generated the
following general exception:
[jasper2] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
[jasper2]     at$
[jasper2]     at Method)
[jasper2]     at
[jasper2]     at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
[jasper2]     at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
[jasper2]     at
[jasper2]     at
[jasper2]     at
   <omitted for brevity>

If I comment out the actual line of recursion inside the tag file I
can generate, compile, deploy and use all the servlets just fine
(except for the missing functionality).

I understand we use a jstl.jar and a standard.jar that are a little
suspect.  But given that there are no other similar jars available
during the process then it should be fine (That and I upgraded them to
1.1.2 temporarily and got the same result).

- Why does dynamic compilation work?  What is Tomcat doing differently?
- Is there a Jasper configuration inside Tomcat I can inspect? (I
couldn't find it in server.xml)

Bonus Questions:
- Is there an easy way to precompile jsp's (for error checking and
initial speed) and retain runtime customizability?
- Will this rash ever go away? </kidding>

Thank you in advance for your consideration / help,

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