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From AA <>
Subject Include Problems
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 21:16:20 GMT
Hi, we're using the latest version of Tomcat, but we've had this problem
with previous versions as well. Our application uses include files. For

<c:import url="/shared/header.jsp" context="/apps" />

Here is some HTML code.

<c:import url="/shared/footer.jsp" context="/apps" />

Our problem is that from time to time, the files get included multiple
times. The problem can be easily solved by refreshing the page. Please see
the attached screen shots as an example.

The same problem occurs with <jsp:import ..> statements as well. We have the
same problem occurring both on Mac OS X and Windows platform.

These problems tend to occur when our servers are heavily loaded. I suspect
that it may be related to times when Tomcat starts using virtual memory. I
even have a way of replicating the problem internally - can give details of
this if necessary.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens and how we can solve this



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