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From Mike <>
Subject Re: File Download not working for anchor tags
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 16:09:03 GMT

   I tried that setContentType and fileInputStream solution, but ran into 
two problems.  First, when I download an Excel file and load the downloaded 
file in Excel, it doesn't load in properly.  I'm guessing there's some data 
transfer problem.  Second, the first time I try to download, IE blocks the 
download.  If I download it a second time, it seems to work.

   A solution with the anchor tag would work the best if possible because 
the data is good, and the download is fast.


At 08:07 AM 11/29/2005, you wrote:
>Are you doing this?
>Mike wrote:
>>I've encountered a bug with the 4.1.31 version of Tomcat. Apparently, when
>>I use an anchor tag for a file, and I click on the link, it does not show the
>>file download message "Do you want to open or save this file?" with the open
>>and save options. Instead, it displays the file in the browser. I know you
>>could normally save this information from the browser to a file, but I 
>>need it
>>to show the download message because it's easier for users to save their
>>file. I'm using Internet Explorer version 6, SP2. I've also tried setting
>>the "Confirm open after download" check box for file types to no avail. It
>>use to work in Tomcat 4.1.18.
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