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From "Bliesner, Christopher P" <>
Subject Re: Temp tablespace filling up
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:12:46 GMT
** Resending this message...don't know if it got through the first


I am currently using Tomcat 4.1.12 with Oracle 8i on a Solaris 8 Unix
machine and I have successfully set up the Tomcat configuration,
pooling, etc. and all is working as it should.

However, I'm running into errors with the Temp tablespace in Oracle in
relation to Tomcat taking up all of its space.   When I recycle Tomcat,
it will clear the Temp tablespace.  To me, this looks like a Tomcat
Pooling configuration issue.  The size of the Temp tablespace is already
5gig and it is being completely consumed so that the backups are failing
at night when they try to use the Temp tablespace.

Any help would be appreciated,

Chris Bliesner
Boeing Oracle DBA
El Paso Operations

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