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From Len Popp <>
Subject Re: Pointers on setting up Tomcat 5.5x w/MySQL on OS X?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 05:59:13 GMT
server.xml is the old location for the <Context> but these days it's
usually found either in conf/Catalina/[hostname]/[appname].xml or in

Also note that the syntax of <Resource> has changed in 5.5. See

On 11/9/05, Benjamin Slade <> wrote:
> Can someone point me to some resources for setting up Tomcat so that
> servlets/JSP's can connect to a local MySQL database?
> The instructions for configuring Connector/J (at
> ) don't seem to
> match the setup of my tomcat/conf/server.xml file.    Specifically, the
> Connector/J web page talks about adding:
> <Resource name="jdbc/MySQLDB"
>                auth="Container"
>                type="javax.sql.DataSource"/>
> Inside the <Context> tag of the conf/server.xml file, but there is no
> <Context> tag in my conf/server.xml.   Should I add one?  Or should I
> add these XML tags to the tomcat/conf/context.xml?   Where can I find
> documentation on the structure of the server.xml and context.xml
> files?   The Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference web page doesn't have
> much and neither does the Database question in the Tomcat FAQ.  I've
> searched the archives, but I haven't found anything
> which talks directly about this (maybe I'm just not using the right
> search terms)
> The Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference: The Context Container web
> page ( ) seems to
> have lots of information, but it seems like a lot of reference detail.
> I just need a database "Hello World" example.
> I'm a newbie so I'm not familiar with the structure/semantics of the
> server.xml and context.xml files.   Also, I haven't gotten around to
> learning how JNDI works.   I was sort of hoping to do a "Hello World"
> database JSP before delving into all of the system guts.  But if I have
> to, where can I find reference documentation for the various config
> files for Tomcat?
> Thanks
> Ben Slade

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