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From Chris Lear <>
Subject Re: SSL Certificate Beginner Question
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:43:41 GMT
* Bill Barker wrote (30/11/05 05:42):
> "Scott Purcell" <> wrote in message 
> news:033a01c5f560$9a09db90$0501a8c0@office...
>> Real helpful ... I searched on SRV.12 and it brought up a bunch of links
>> that have nothing to do with Tomcat  config of SSL.
>> I probably posted a lame request. Let me try again.
>> I have purchased a certificate via Verisign, and I have installed the
>> certificate into a keystore. I am running Windows XP and Tomcat 5.5.12.
>> I put the keystore and Cert.cer in the Tomcat/bin directory for 
>> organiation.
>> I read that the default is usually in the home directory where tomcat is
>> installed on Unix. But that is another OS.
>> I followed the docs here under Tomcat 5 SSL and ran across this:
> There are two likely problems, but I don't know which one applies to you.
> 1) Since you are using 5.5.12, if you installed the libtcnative.dll with 
> Tomcat, then you need to configure SSL via 
>  In particular, you need 
> to extract the private-key into an OpenSSL format.  Alternatively, you can 
> rename the dll for now, and work on just getting the Java Connector working.
> 2) You imported your cert into a different keystore file than the one that 
> use used to generate the CSR.  Import the cert into the original one and you 
> will be fine.  If you used OpenSSL to generate the CSR, than the easiest is 
> to convert to a pkcs12 keystore as described above.  Alternatively, you can 
> try using

3) (Maybe a long shot) Windows xp firewall is blocking the port. Does
netstat -ln show anything listening on port 8443? Do the tomcat logs
mention port 8443?

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