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From Reynir Hubner <>
Subject Re: Filters
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 14:23:06 GMT
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Sure, you can map your filter on to /* or something like that. That way
you can intercept any URL you like and either rewrite, or redirect.
It doesn't matter if your URL reads /something/something/default.asp or
not, if you know how to handle that url from your filter (usually done
by reading config from file or database). If you are using mod_jk then
you might have to change your mapping in to tomcat.

I've been implementing this by using filters for a long time, never had
problems with it.

hope it helps
- -reynir

Carl Olivier wrote:
> Greetings.
> I have a questions regarding Filter servlets.  If a request is made for a
> non-existent/non *.jsp or servlet URI - will the Filter be instantiated?
> Reason I ask is because I want to interect old bookmarked requests for an
> old site - which has been migrated to a new tomcat based JSP site - however
> the old site was ASP based.
> Many users of the old site would have bookmarked something like:
> /index.asp?PageID=16 or something similar - and I am hoping to be able to
> intercept that - using a Filter seemed a logical choice - and send back a
> redirect to the new URL /some.jsp for those requests.
> Thanks in advance,
> Carl
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