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From Information Architecture <>
Subject Another issue with a special character
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:10:48 GMT
Hi!  I've been following the posts on special characters and have a 
similar problem. I hope this is an appropriate list to post it to.  I am 
not a java programmer, but support a vertical market application written 
in java for which I do not have source and for which the vendor is 
unhelpful at best.  The program uses a special character, the copyright 
sign, to delimit tuples within a single field and parses the field using 
the copyright sign when it extracts the data.  I have the app working 
under Windows 2000 and under SuSE Linux 8.2 running on a P5 system.  I 
am trying to move the app to SuSE SLES 9 running on a dual processor 
opteron.  Everything works except the parts that rely on this special 
character -- the character is inserted into the database correctly, but 
when the field is extracted and parsed, it does not work (it uses the 
fields within the delimiters to mark boxes to check).  I have tried 
inserting the copyright character into a field displayed as text by the 
app and it appears on the SLES system as a ?, but on the Windows and 
older Linux correctly. 

The platform is mysql 4.0, tomcat 4.0 (I tried 5.0 on the new system but 
backed down to a version I knew worked on the other system when I 
encountered this problem), apache 1.3x (again, started with 2.0 and 
moved back to see if the problem exists with the exact same setup).  
Java is 1.4.1 on the old system, 1.4.2 on the new system (Sun Client Hot 
Spot).  As far as I can see, character set is ISO 8859-1 throughout; it 
definitely is in mysql.  I have tried exporting 
"-Dfile-encoding='ISO-8859-1'" in the file but to no avail.  
Any suggestions or ideas of where to look would be appreciated.



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