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From Benjamin Slade <>
Subject Re: Pointers on setting up Tomcat 5.5x w/MySQL on OS X?
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 22:29:51 GMT
After much gnashing of teeth I figured out that I wanted to add database 
connection "resource" information inside a <context> element in a 
META-INF/context.xml file under the web application directory.    Yes 
there are other ways to do it, but this seems like a good mainstream style.

It's too bad the MySQL Connector/J and Tomcat web page ( ) wasn't 
more newbie friendly.

You can see my detailed tutorial/writeup at:

All feedback/corrections on the above web page are appreciated.

Ben Slade

Benjamin Slade wrote:
> Can someone point me to some resources for setting up Tomcat so that 
> servlets/JSP's can connect to a local MySQL database?
> The instructions for configuring Connector/J (at 
> ) don't seem to 
> match the setup of my tomcat/conf/server.xml file.    ...snip...

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