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From Benjamin Slade <>
Subject Pointers on setting up Tomcat 5.5x w/MySQL on OS X?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 04:14:03 GMT
Can someone point me to some resources for setting up Tomcat so that 
servlets/JSP's can connect to a local MySQL database?

The instructions for configuring Connector/J (at ) don't seem to 
match the setup of my tomcat/conf/server.xml file.    Specifically, the 
Connector/J web page talks about adding:

<Resource name="jdbc/MySQLDB"

Inside the <Context> tag of the conf/server.xml file, but there is no 
<Context> tag in my conf/server.xml.   Should I add one?  Or should I 
add these XML tags to the tomcat/conf/context.xml?   Where can I find 
documentation on the structure of the server.xml and context.xml 
files?   The Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference web page doesn't have 
much and neither does the Database question in the Tomcat FAQ.  I've 
searched the archives, but I haven't found anything 
which talks directly about this (maybe I'm just not using the right 
search terms)

The Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference: The Context Container web 
page ( ) seems to 
have lots of information, but it seems like a lot of reference detail.  
I just need a database "Hello World" example.

I'm a newbie so I'm not familiar with the structure/semantics of the 
server.xml and context.xml files.   Also, I haven't gotten around to 
learning how JNDI works.   I was sort of hoping to do a "Hello World" 
database JSP before delving into all of the system guts.  But if I have 
to, where can I find reference documentation for the various config 
files for Tomcat?

Ben Slade

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