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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: finalize question
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 18:02:44 GMT
See ...

(I really need to update the FAQ on this one)


Andy Kriger wrote:

> I have a webapp that causes Tomcat to die with an OutOfMemoryError due
> to PermGen after about 10 reloads. I am trying to determine if there
> is a memory leak in my code or maybe even one of our 3rd-party
> libraries. I am using AspectJ to log whenever any object's finalize
> method is called. Problem is, I'm not seeing any finalize methods
> being called. I have a ServletContextListener that calls System.gc to
> help force collection (though I realize that's not guaranteed).
> As far as Tomcat is concerned, when would objects in a webapp be
> finalized? On app stop? On reload? On undeploy?
> Any suggestions on how to isolate this memory leak?

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