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From Guy Knights <>
Subject Re: Tomcat-Apache slow PDF response
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 22:49:48 GMT
As a test, I installed Apache 1.3.34 (the latest 1.3 release) and 
directed this to use the latest mod_jk connector with the latest build 
of tomcat (5.5.12). This has miraculously solved the slowness problem 
with large files - it appears the problem is probably an Apache 2/mod_jk 
issue. We'll need to investigate whether any of our web services will be 
affected by going back to an Apache 1.3 environment, but this is 
probably what we will have to do. However, we would rather not have to 
"go backwards" if possible, and I'm hoping that someone may have an idea 
as to what component of Apache 2 might be the cause of our problems.

Any help would be appreciated.


Guy Knights wrote:

> Sorry, I forgot to update my original post - yes, we have tried 1.2.14 
> and the same problem occurred.
> I've done a bit more testing since yesterday, and discovered the 
> following about the problem:
> - if I redirect any large file to be served through the connector, it 
> gives the same slow response (approx. 38K/s). I've tried an .exe and a 
> .tar file. The PDFs I mentioned previously are about 12mb each.
> - removing the redirector for these large files, so that they are 
> instead served directly by apache increases the download speed to 126 
> MB/s. This is also the case if I serve them directly via tomcat. ie. 
> something is happening when tomcat and apache communicate to serve the 
> files.
> - I used wget to access the files directly from the box that they are 
> served from, and experienced exactly the same issue.
> - in the configuration for mod_jk, I had the loglevel set to debug. I 
> changed this to loglevel error, and then removed it altogether, but 
> the slowness issue wasn't resolved.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Guy
> GB Developer wrote:
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Guy Knights [] Sent: Sunday, 
>>> October 30, 2005 7:38 PM
>>> To: Tomcat Mailing List
>>> Subject: Tomcat-Apache slow PDF response
>>> - compiling and installing the latest mod_jk connector (1.2.6) and 
>>> testing this with a test copy of apache (2.0.54) and the same copy 
>>> of tomcat. This didn't solve the problem.
>> It might not make a differenc, but latest jk is 1.2.14
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