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From "Magyar, Bence" <>
Subject Java client does not re-use TCP/IP connections.
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:03:09 GMT
  I'm quite new with all of this.  I've created a java client to my tomcat web service using
the Java2WSDL2 utility and WSDL2Java utility.  Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe this is
called the "stub" client model.  At any rate, my main() function in my client looks like:
  // get the web service...
   service = new WSDefinitionServiceLocator();
   // Now use the service to get a stub to the service
   ws = service.getMyWebService();
   Stub s = (Stub) ws;
  After this is set up, I can correctly call methods on my service such as 
  For each one of these invocations, my client creates a new TCP/IP connection to the service
instead of reusing the existing one.  Am I missing some critical parameter 
  in my Stub class?  I'm not sure how else to configure the client.  If anyone could 
  point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

"Caldarale, Charles R" <> wrote:  > From: Magyar, Bence
> Subject: RE: web client running out of ports! (timeout exception)
> Shouldn't I be getting persistent, reusable connections as 
> the default with HTTP/1.1?

I'm sure you are - but it's the client's responsibility to reuse them;
all the server has to do is expect more traffic on the connection, which
appears to be what it's doing.

- Chuck

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