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From Oded Arbel <>
Subject Re: Java databases as alternative to MySQL on OS X Server? (OT)
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 19:42:12 GMT
On Monday, 28 בNovember 2005 19:59, Mieke Banderas wrote:
> Given the sad, sad performance findings at:
> "No More Apple Mysteries, Part Two"
> Date: September 1st, 2005
> <>

> I don't enough of JVMs to know if Javabased DBs are usually better
> performancewise than MySQL/PostgreSQL, but my thought was that if
> everything is kept within the JVM, the weak performance spots in OS X
> would be minimized as threads would be handled within JVM rather than
> within OS X. Threads being being the prime suspect in the weak MySQL
> performance in OS X according Anandtech.

After reading the article I can say two things:

a) I think their take on the thread vs. process creation issue is 
completely wrong. They are basically saying "thread creation on linux 
is the same as process creation and is very fast, but thread creation 
on MAC OSX is not the same as process creation because process creation 
also creates a task. Because we tested process creation to be slower on 
MAC OSX, we conclude that thread creation is slower." Am I the only one 
that see how broken the logic here ?

b) Even assuming they are right, you still want to choose MySQL over JVM 
space databases, because Java and Java databases are very much thread 
enabled and create and destroy many threads. MySQL OTOH uses very 
little threads - essentially it only creates a new thread to handle a 
new client, and even then a single thread handles several clients 
before another thread is required.

Oded Arbel
m-Wise mobile solutions

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