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From "Albrecht Scheidig" <>
Subject Multiple IIS-sites proxying multiple Tomcats
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:31:24 GMT
Hi all,

I have to setup two IIS-sites on different ports in IIS and two
tomcat-installations. I want the isapi redirector to forward each request on
IIS:81 to worker1 (associated with ajp-port 8109 wich is served by tomcat 1)
and each request on IIS:82 to worker2 (associated with ajp-port 8209 wich is
served by tomcat 2).

How do I achieve this? IMO this is not possible because there is no way to
have different urimappings for different IIS sites (urimapping is just
considering the path portion of an URI). I would need two instances of
redirector itself using two distinct sets of configfiles wich is not
possible, is it?

(Using Apache I would do this using virtual hosts with different mappings
for each host. But this is not an option because the cust. enforces use of

Thanks in advance,

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