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From Dhaval Patel <>
Subject Sharing webapps between linux and windows on single computer
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 21:01:16 GMT
Hi all,

   I have computer three partitions:
Partition 1 : Windows XP (NTFS) - (aka P_NTFS)
Partition 2 : SuSE Linux 10.0 (Reiser) - (aka P_RES)
Partition 3 : Share (FAT32) - (aka P_FAT32)

Tomcat 5.5.12 with J2SE 1.5.0_05 on both SuSE and Windows.

   I use P_FAT32 for sharing my data files between SuSE and Windows. Since
P_FAT32 is FAT32 partition, SuSE reads it as "noexec" in the same way as it reads
P_NTFS. (I found from message while booting to SuSE). Unlike to P_NTFS, P_FAT32
is writable from SuSE. P_FAT32 is read by SuSE as "vfat". Things are working
well. Somehow I am able to share my thunderbird offline emails and Firefox

   I was wondering if we can share Tomcat "webapps" in that way. I did few things
to do that but could not have success. First I tried to put Tomcat on FAT32 and
try to start server. Since SuSE can not able to execute anything (from no exec)
flag, I could not able to run the server. Then I tried to run server from P_RES
from SuSE. It run well. Things are fine. Then I tried to move webapps directory
to P_FAT32 and create link in Tomcat about that tried to run it. No errors or
anything but again no page is loading. The default page is fully blank. (I dont
know why) I checked that Tomcat is running. Then I gave up.

   Windows somehow able to operate normally from Tomcat residing at P_FAT32

   My question is, is it possible to put only webapps on P_FAT32 while tomcat
install files are in P_NTFS and P_RES and configured tomcat to read P_FAT32
webapps directory as "appbase" in host node of server.xml? Have anyone done
anything like this before? Only thing I am confused of end of line character
since it is different in windows and linux for any file. I mean can it work? I am
going to try it but if anyone had done something like this, please guide me.

   Thanks in advance.


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