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From andy gordon <>
Subject Re: tomcat 5.5 logging
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 11:58:10 GMT
you can put the two log jar files in your web app web-inf/lib directory and the log4j properties
in your web app classes directory. make sure your web app log4j properties file specifies
its own log file and log file location. Its useful and may be good practice to place all log
files in the tomcat log directory, each web app with its own log file in that directory.
i do not yet understand the need for the other properties file. But it may be needed. I have
a configuration without it, with cross context logging and specific web app logging.
hope this helps 

pc leung <> wrote:
I have done something according to
I do not put the 2 jars in tomcat common lib.
Instead I keep them in my webapp lib. The result is lots of error message in
tomcat log dir.
If I put a in web-inf/classes and still keep the 2 jars in
my webapp lib only,
is the log.debug() prints message in tomcat log dir?

On 11/3/05, andy gordon wrote:
> Placing the jars in the common/lib directory makes them available for all
> web apps and catalina itself. Placing log4j properties in the common/classes
> lib defines log4j behavior for all web apps (cross context). Placing log4j
> properties in web-inf/classes overrides cross context log4j properties for a
> specific web app.
> What is the purpose of the file ? There is no
> requirement for this file according to the 5.5 doc.
> hope this helps.
> - andy
> pc leung <> wrote:
> The above page shows that logging-log4j.jar and commong-logging.jar
> needs to put in $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib.
> If I have two files of jar already in my struts webapp lib,
> Why do I still need to place them in $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib?
> In addition, the tomcat doc web page shows the only,
> is the not necessary?
> Thanks
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