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From "" <>
Subject TC 5.0.28, JK1, CAS-SERVER, SSL sleep less nights please mayday!
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
hi everyone,

this is what i have :

- TC 5.0.28

- Apache with JK modules SSL enabled

- CAS SERVER 3.0 for those who dont know what cas is ( its a Central Authentication Server
based on Tomcat filter)

- i have a test application (jsp-examples) the one from Tomcat  where i applied the CAS Filter 

this is what i want to do:
is to be able to authenthicate a user once grat access everywhere 

this is my problem:
if you go on

1 ]

you will be redirected to the the  (an SSL connection will be established)

2 ]

you can authenticates with username=password example yel/yel

so you will recieve a ticket and then you will be redirected to the origin where you comes
from [1] and now you should have a ticket wich should grants you access to the jsp-examples

but here we go a problem occure whith tomcat internally wihc drops this exception :

from the context log

now i really spent more than 12 days trrying to debug this and im really helpless i just can
not see a clue what the problem could be and ill be glad fro any questions or suggestions
or even critics

i hope i provieded enough informations 

Greeting from Cologne 
and Thanks in Advance

first i get an exception when the user authenticates 

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